Le Seuil

The ambition of the founders of Le Seuil is today intact and more useful than ever. On the strength of these convictions, Le Seuil is now at the forefront of generalist houses, present in all editorial fields: French and foreign literature, thrillers and police, human sciences, documents, spiritualities, science, youth and fine books.

The fidelity to its origins, to the mixing of ideas, the attention paid to its time have favored the renewal of the house. The spiritual dimension has been perpetuated.

The political sector reflects the struggles and contradictions of the contemporary world. The fights in favor of decolonization, the desire to capture "Immediate History" from the 1960s (Jean Lacouture then Jean-Claude Guillebaud), the support given to dissident literature from Eastern Europe (Soljenitsyne) , "Combats" by Claude Durand or even "The test of facts" by Hervé Hamon and Patrick Rotman, mark, until recently, this critical attention to political news, which confirms the intellectual investment of the house in all disciplines of the humanities.

"L'Etat chez lui, l'Eglise chez elle". Comprendre la loi de 1905.

Jean-Paul Scot
ISBN: 9782020689175
En stock

1848 ou l'apprentissage de la République 1848-1852

Maurice Agulhon
ISBN: 9782020164511
En stock

A quoi sert la médecine?

Jean Bernard
ISBN: 9782020173421

A tort et à raison. Intercritique de la science et du mythe

Henri Atlan
ISBN: 9782020220712
En stock

Aborder la linguistique

Dominique Maingueneau
ISBN: 9782020230315
En stock

Aborder la poésie

Hédi Kaddour
ISBN: 9782020229616
En stock

Aborder le droit des affaires

Yves Chaput
ISBN: 9782020300070
En stock

Alexis Zorbas

Nikos Kazantzaki
ISBN: 9782266128742
En stock

Alice au pays du langage - Pour comprendre la linguistique

Marina Yaguello
ISBN: 9782020057950

Allez les filles! Une révolution silencieuse.

Christian Baudelot, Roger Establet
ISBN: 9782020890892
En stock

Aristote au Mont-Saint-Michel

Sylvain Gouguenheim
ISBN: 9782020965415

Arrêt de jeu

Dan Kavanagh
ISBN: 9782020198578
En stock

Assassinat à Prado del Rey

Manuel Vàzquez Montalbàn
ISBN: 9782757806494

Attention Fragiles

Marie-Sabine Roger
ISBN: 9782021051087

Au jeu du désir

Françoise Dolto
ISBN: 9782020099189
En stock

Autobiographie de tout le monde

Gertrude Stein
ISBN: 9782020103268
En stock


Albert Béguin
ISBN: 20200210
En stock

Cafés de la mémoire : récit

Chantal Thomas
ISBN: 9782757864838
En stock

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