Promotion 40 years

This year 2022, the Boîte à Lire celebrates its 40th anniversary!

To celebrate this anniversary, we offer you from February 1st and for 40 weeks, two different titles each week: an adult title and a youth title, with a 40% discount.

During the week only one copy of the adult title and one copy of the youth title will be offered and the first comers will be the winners.

Visit our website or follow us on our Facebook page on Monday morning to find out what new titles are  offered for the week.

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Welcome to La Boîte à Lire

The pleasure of reading is a unique experience, give it a try, you won't regret it. The book is a staunch companion and everyone's best friend.

For prices and availability of books that are not displayed, please send a request by e-mail.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you both in our store and on our website.

For those who do not know LA BOITE A LIRE, this is the exclusively French bookstore of Cyprus, located in the heart of Nicosia.

We accept any order for books in French.

Our main goal is to be of service to any French-speaking person wherever they are in Cyprus - or elsewhere in the world - and for those who are learning French to provide them with all the books necessary to properly assimilate this beautiful language.

After 30 years of experience we can guide and advise you in your reading. Whether you need a specific book or just want to treat yourself, don't hesitate to ask us for advice.

We have a bibliographic system that allows us to suggest anything that suits you and you just have to choose the book that suits you best, according to your desires, or your mood of the moment. 

On the door of a small Geneva bookstore I saw a poster one day that made me smile
and anyone who loves books and reading will agree with me.
The poster stuck on the door of the bookstore had the following inscription:

"When I'm feeling good, I go to my bookseller.
When I don't feel good, I go too."

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