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Instructions for ordering French school books

Instructions for the french school books from your french bookshop in Cyprus

The books for the French cypriot school must be ordered in advance from the french bookshop.

All orders must be placed not later than the 30 of June each year and the orders will be ready for you a few days before the school opens.

Each order must be validated by an advanced payment. You will find below the amount due for each class. We always issue a receipt for this payment which is then deducted from the total purchases.

C.P / CE1 / CE2 / CM1 / CM2€50.00

6e / 5e / 4e / 3e / 2e /1e /Terminales€100.00

If you do not order all the books, you have to prepare your personal selection and we will calculate the total due when your bring your order (Books €10.00 / workbooks €5.00 / literature books €4.00).

We also have most of the special French stationery items requested by the school. These do not need to be ordered.

We request your kind cooperation on this matter, so that your children will have their books before the school starts.

Thank you .